Combine Food and Mathematical Formulas

Why not make an invitation to create a mathematical landscape?

Meet Mercedes Siles Molina, a mathematician at the University of Malaga, in Spain, who wanted to combine her passions for food and maths. She asked Chef José Carlos Garcia and photographer Pedro Reyes Dueñas to create a series of culinary masterpieces based on mathematical shapes and formulas.

In a workshop at MoMath (Museum of Mathematics in New York) Mercedes had a great recipe to inspire children to be creative. They built a mathematical landscape, which they later ate, by using sweets, toothpicks and other material.

Some pictures from the math-inspired dishes made by Chef José Carlos Garcia and their corresponding mathematical shape. The photos are taken by the photographer Pedro Reyes Dueñas.



Almond nougatine with sand of pistachio was used to represent the intersection of three planes and the intersection points represent the equation xyz=o. The pistachio sand describes a curve. The photo below is of strawberries with tiles of coral and cocoa. the formula is Y2+Z2=1.

I hope this will inspire you to play with maths and if you are not keen on using sweets, you can always use fruits instead.



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