Once Upon a Northern Night

“Once upon a northern night
while you lay sleeping,
wrapped in a downy blanket,
I painted you a picture.”

A magical winter lullaby that paints beautiful pictures in your heart. The book, Once Upon a Northern Night by Jean E. Pendziwol and illustrator Isabelle Arsenault, is a precious glittering snowflake filled with prickly pine trees, an owl with great yellow eyes, snowshoe hares and fawns. There is also a small mouse that runs across a picnic table  “mounded with snowy white like vanilla ice cream.”


An enchanted snowfall is a beautiful thing and this book captures the magic of snowflakes transforming a forest at night. Just the thing you dreamt of capturing when you woke up in the morning to see the world painted white and you never stopped wondered what it would have felt like to watch it happen. To really stand there in the cold winter night and watch snowflakes fall from the sky.

I love, love, love this timeless beautiful book, a perfect gift for any child! And the video is a treat in itself, so do watch it.


“Once upon a northern night

a great gray owl gazed down

with his great yellow eyes

on the milky-white bowl of your yard.

Without a sound,

not even the quietest whisper, 

his great silent wings lifted and




he drifted, 

leaving a feathery sketch

of his passing

in the snow.”

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