New Year's Wishes – Gelli Plate Printing and Painting Twigs


A tree sculpture glittering and glistening with wishes for the New Year.

A pink wishing tree where we hang up ideas and suggestions for things we want to do next year. First we made some paper using our Gelli Printing Plate. Silver, white and pink paint was spread onto the plate and we were very pleased with the result. We also painted some leaves in the same colours.


We used an old branch and also painted some twigs. We winded some strings around the thick branch. Then after the paper had dried we used a star-shaped gingerbread cutter to draw some stars.

We think dived into a pink and silver theme and came up with the following wished. some was inspired by ideas and topics we have read about. And yes, we had for some crazy ideas.-)

Here are some of our wishes for the New Year:

  • fly to a Pink Planet
  • dive into a Pink Lake – like Lake Retba in Senegal
  • take a photo of a pink flourscent slug
  • meet an aadvark – not that they are pink but we love them and their ears are pinkish

Why not pick your own theme and come up with some sensible or more imaginary wishes for the New Year!

You can read about our first attempt at gelli plate printing here.


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