Feathers and Flying Robots

rNVO8O1418199975 Are penguins birds?

This question is one of those trick questions that children are asked. Penguins do not look like an obvious bird candidate. Birds that cannot fly have often developed other skills. They can be excellent runners, like the ostrich. Or fantastic swimmers like the penguins.

But penguins can fly a little bit. They can launch themselves out of water if they need to quickly escape. They “fly” in the air before landing on the ice.

Biomimicry is a way to use observations about animals and plants to get new ideas. Artists, designers and innovators have found inspiration from nature for centuries. For example, peacocks were a symbols of royalty in India which is their native country. The beautiful birds have inspired designs in clothes and interior decorations. Humans have perhaps always dreamt about flying. Leonardo da Vinci designed flying machines inspired by birds.

img-airplaneImage: Leonardo da Vinci’s Inventions

When talking about biomimicry for young children, drawing clothes inspired by nature is a great way to encourage children to observe nature. Watching a video where peguins “fly” out of the water and land on the ice is great way to think dive into the ways to draw or make robots that can fly. Watch the video and ponder over how to design at robot that can escape from a hole. Or maybe a diving suit or  a warm coat. Penguins have stiff short feathers. And plenty of feathers to prevent them from getting wet and cold. From the booklet. Use “random” pictures to design something by using penguins as inspiration. Make a drawing, or a model.

robot stuck in a hole metaphorcoat121_003611rbp090323clcd

 Biomimicry for Young Children – Penguins, Owls and Other Birds.

I have also made three  “Faboulous Observations to Inspire New Ideas” posters.

Biomimicry Penguins

Biomimicry Owls

Biomimicry Birds biomimicry penguins-page-0

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