Question Asking – Why, What If and How

Question asking is necessary part of the learning process and it is a great way to spark curiosity and interest. I have made some cards to encourage children to answer questions. There are also cards where children can come up with creative questions.

Encourage your child  to come up with several answers to the questions. You can write down their answers but also make drawings.


The answers can be:

  • Creative and plausible
  • Creative and implausible.

Identifying the difference is an important skill and children can explore the creative and plausible answers to write sentences. Implausible answers can be collected on a separate sheet and used as prompts for storytelling or writing.

A special work sheet has be created where you can write the answers and grade the answers – a grey scale from plausible to implausible. Several of the questions may seem implausible but if you serach for information you  may find that it may be possible to walk on water on another planet, or that there are pink planets. Thus, can return to a question and keep learning and adding answers and ideas.

Also you can play a little game using the cards where you come up with creative solutions to the each other’s questions.


You can buy the resource here.

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