Just Curious about Question Asking!

“Why would you build a floating city? Just curious!”

Question asking is an undervalued part of learning. Usually children who ask lots of questions are a bit of a nuisance in the traditional classroom or at home. . .  A “question asking-machine” may make the family late for an appointment. Or may disrupt the planned learning in the classroom. The questions may not always have an easy answer or indeed fit into the curriculum.

Yet increasingly the skill of asking questions is being recognized. For example, there is a rethink in medical education, where it is recognized that doctors cannot know all the answers, so they need to be skilled at asking questions not only to the patients but also when searching for information about possible causes and treatments.

” If I could get my students to ask the questions that they feel deeply about, the ones that they care about the most, I would no longer be the “keeper of knowledge” and the sole person responsible for sharing content.” (Rob Evans)

The questions above are part of a new material that I am working on about ways to use Biomimicry for Young Children – Architecture and design. This series of booklets is based upon ideas about the importance of making things but also on using and teaching young children to ask questions.

I recently made some cards to encourage children to answer questions. There are also cards where children can come up with creative questions.

You can buy the resource here.

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