Build like a Bee

How can you use a lotus flower to make a cosy reading nook?

Why would you want to build a floating city?

And how can an ant be used to build a huge garbage machine?

LEGO, building blocks and a keen eye that observes the world of animals and plants. These are the key ingredients to use biomimicry and bioinspiration to build cities, houses, and bridges. Or why not a calm and soft futuristic car inspired by a yellow banana slug?

Inspiration to draw and build by using ideas from nature is an exciting way to give the creative muscles a real work out.

Did you know that the hexagonal shape of a honeycomb is perfect?

“But why should bees build hexagonal cells? Why should they not be square, like boxes, or circular?… As we have already noted, natural organization is economical, expending the least amount of energy and using the least material necessary for a task…Three-way junctions of 120° angles occur quite widely in nature, being the most economical angle for joining things together.” (Ask Nature)

You can buy Biomimcry for Young Children – Architecture and Design here.


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