Why is Colour Important when you Search for Aliens ?

We love BIG questions!

Questions that we never ever will find an answer to. Questions that explores the core of what it means to be human. I remember lying in big at night watching out on the dark sky and pondering over questions like:

  • Why are we on Earth?
  • What’s our place in the universe?
  • What’s the meaning of life?

Often a child may be the opposite to their parent but in this case my daughter share my fascination.

In the video below a little boy, aged nine gives insightful answers into these questions. I love his young mind full of wonder about the universe, or multiverse.

Often in school the focus is on teaching kids the order of the planets. I remember my daughter spending an afternoon in first grade learning the order of the planets.

I soon discovered her real passion for this rather boring exercise, the teacher had promised the first five kids who could correctly say the order of the planets a long gummy snake. Since sweets were not common in our house due to her allergy I understood her determination to learn the order of the planets. One of those moments as a parent when you smile swallow your comment:-)

Anyway she quickly learnt the order of the planets and her joy over the gummy snake was quickly transformed into a sadness that space was not a theme again for years.

Inspired by this event I have decided to make some material where colour and the search for aliens are used to teach children about space. Some thinking strategies such as first priority will be used in the exercises. What is the most important thing when you look for aliens?

Teaching children about the colours of the plants may sound like a frivolous topic compared to learning the order. But astronomers believe that colours may help us find life on other planets. The colours of the planets also provide insight into the conditions on the planet.

And just imagine all the colourful art work that can be created. . .

Astronomers think that it is most likely to find alien life

on a purple planet.



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