An Artful Think Dive Approach to Space


A patchwork quilt moon!

Using art to learn about space is not only fun but also provides important insights into modern astronomy.

Uranus is a blue and green planet with 27 moons. One of the moons, Miranda, has a surface that looks like a patchwork. We decided to make a patch work quilt moon. A colourful moon.

  • Cut out a big circle out of a cardboard box.
  • Wrap the cardboard in tissue paper.
  • Make little squares, rectangles and circles and fill them with doodles.
  • Make a flag from a toothpick and some paper.
  • Glue the flag around the toothpick.

In the previous post we talked about that astronomers think that it is most likely to find alien life on a purple planet. But no real answer to the question was provided. So here it comes.

Purple bacteria may be an early life form so searching for a purple planet makes sense.

Astronomers are looking for Purple Planets. They are searching for tiny purple bacteria. Look at the images of bacteria and draw some purple bacteria that you may find on a purple planet.

In this thinking exercise children are asked to determine  first priorities when you search for life.  Positive and negative aspects with searching for alien life and visiting planets  are explored. And determining if it is a good idea to grow plants on Mars. What do you think?

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