The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

Can you describe different sorts of silence?

The silence when someone expects you do come up with an answer or a solution. The silence when you watch some magical or the silence when you stand and watch the night sky. . .

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood is a filled with those moments when you gain deep insights into the world. This book explores the real essence of silence, which is rich and filled with life, silence can even be described as life. Absolutely not boring or a waste of time.
This is the sort of book that opens up your thinking and the magical illustrations by Renata Liwska fills your head with not only a calmness but also with deep insights and ideas about what friendship is and the importance of seeking out those quiet moments in life that is increasingly becoming more rare.

The wistful, the mischievous (“thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the wall quiet”), the tender quietudes are all examples of things and situations that a child may have experienced.

I love the contrast between these moments that are really still and the more shocking and uneasy feelings of silence, like when you are shocked-into-silence when you see your new hairstyle.

The adorable bears, rabbits, fish, birds, and iguanas drawn in soft pencils and colored digitally can also been seen in the equally charming The Loud Book! Where we meet the characters experiencing “last slurp loud” and “walking to school song loud” to “belly flop loud”.

Why not make a collection in a journal of different sort of quietness and loud moments? Cut of images from magazines to illustrate your experiences. Or make a gallery of paintings with different kinds of silence and loud moments.

The artist and visual storyteller Maira Kalman talks about the moments inside the moment inside the moments, a perfect ending to enhance the message in The Quiet Book.

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