Moomin – Ballet

“When everything is not well in the Moominvalley, Moomintroll and his friends heads to the Observatory on the Lonely Mountains”.

“In the Observatory they are told that the comet will hit the Earth within a few days. Will the Moominvalley survive?”

Moomins are plump  and making a ballet with dancing Moomintrolls sounds like a real challenge. But the Finnish National Ballet embraced the challenge and danced in real Moomin costumes with specially designed paws to make sure that the dancers could stand on point in them.

Finland Moomin Ballet

The heat and poor visibility were other challenges. Ballet dancers have great body control but dancing in these kind of costumes requires extra practice. Lifts are of course tricky, so there are no lifts in Moomin’s and Snorkmaiden’s dance. Moomin did not manage to get a grip  around Snorkmaiden’s round belly.

Moomin and the comet hunting ballet was based on Tove Jansson’s book Comet hunt from to 1946.

In photos: Tiina Myllymäki, Jani Talo (rehearsal photo)
Photographer: 2015 Mirka Kleemola

Our favourite ballet for children has been the adaptation from Beatrix Potter, and we hope that there will be a video with dancing Moomins.

Why not make a ballet where your favourite book characters are stars.

I hope this ballet has tempted you to read more about  the Moomins, here is a link to a book review and some great books by Tove Janson.

If you click on the image you can read more about the books.

And we love this mug! Perfect for Mother’ Day.

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