Take Care of the Earth – Awareness, Art Projects and Books

Every day is an Earth Day!

Yet it is important not to take our Earth for granted. We should take time to reflect and realise why our home deserves our highest awe and respect. Things are connected and our daily actions and activities influence our Earth.

I believe that the more we and our children get to know about our Earth, the more we will be able to admire and love its beauty – and take responsibility to preserve, and protect.

A great way to enhance awareness is to take time each day to feel the breeze in your face, stop for a second to watch the clouds float by, and to wonder why the mountains are so high or the valleys so deep.


A link to booklet I made on Teacher Pay Teacher filled with activities to encourage everyone to Take Care of the Earth. The first activity is to look for plants, places animals to love on our Earth for

“If you look for it… love actually is all around.”

To celebrate Earth, we cut out some flowers from old magazines and matched some of the colours with flowers from the garden. We also found a picture of a bright yellow sunflower and the only dandelion we had in the garden matched the colour perfectly!

We wrote little messages and words on a bunny about the Earth.


Sparking Thinkibility book Tips

The Lorax: Yellow Back Book
A brilliant book by Dr Seuss where the long-suffering Lorax struggles to save all the Truffula Trees from the wicked Once-ler’s axe. Lorax speaks for the trees and warned of the dangers of disrespecting the environment. Plenty of questions whiz through our heads as we read about how harvesting of the tufted trees changed the landscape forever and we all have a responsibility to protect the environment

A celebration the the diversity of our Earth , from from apricots to groundhogs to junebugs, from quahogs to zinnias, zucchini and zebras. Whimsical and delightful illustrations that will put a big smile on your face. A way to remind ourselves that every day is Earth Day. Breathe in the magic and open the book Earth Day: An Alphabet Book

What is the best way to enter a recycling competition? Charlie convinces Lola that she can recycle her old toys instead of throwing them away. And to make sure that she wins the recycling competition and her very own tree to plant, Lola cleverly asks all her classmates. We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers sells the idea of recycling in the best possible way because Lola’s classmates are very good recyclers.

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