Pop-up books and Electronics – Project Daffodil

A pop-up book with a wonderful twist!

Project Daffodil  mixes pop-up books and electronics. What a great way to capture children’s interest in STEM!

LEDs are embedded within the structures and the reader learns about a wide range of science principles as they try to help a young princess, Cassie, and her dragon to light her castle.

This pop-up book comes with embedded LEDs within the structures. Cassies’ dragon are also being used throughout the book in different ways to light the LEDs.


This interactive electronic pop-up book was developed as a graduate thesis project for the Masters in Multimedia Program, and the aim of this project was to encourage young girls’ interest in electronics. But this book has captured the interested of all children and who can blame them?


Once upon a time

Princess Cassie was walking

home from the park

But when she got to the castle

where she lived,

Something was wrong,

the castle was all dark!

Luckily, Princess Cassie was with Sparky,

Her very loyal pet

Like a battery, Sparky could power

The lights that they met.

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