The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin

“The Cloudspotter didn’t just spot clouds. He spotted adventures in the sky.”

 Being open to adventures is one thing, spotting adventures is another.The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin  is a delightful yet important story about one of my favourite summer pastime occupations – lying on the grass and watching the  clouds drift by. The weather this summer has not offered many days when this summer treat has been possible. dark rain clouds simple are not that exciting to watch. But the summery pastel palette in this book makes up for some of that missed cloudspotting chances on the lawn.

“His real name was Franklin. But everyone called him The Cloudspotter …”

Begins the story about a boy who does not have many friend and who spends his time spotting not only clouds but exciting adventures in the sky. Imagination is a great thing and the Cloudspotter sees the most exciting stories in the clouds. One minute he is the hero, the next an explorer. And having the head in the cloud is not so bad after all.


One day something exciting happens that turns things upside down. Can cloudspotting with a friend be even better than cloudspotting all by yourself? When Scruffy Dog arrives the Cloudspotter does not  want to share his adventures.


But perhaps the dog is trying to offer the Cloudpotter something. This story is a wonderful  celebration of the power of imagination and of spending time all by yourself. But also of being open to friendship. Some great games simply are even better when you dare to share them.


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