Adventures in Curiosity – Autumn

Children are curious and like little question machine they love to question, explore and wonder. This attitude is vital to learning, when we are curios about something, we want to explore it. And by exploring and wondering, we discover.

Nurturing this curiosity means that a child will continue to discover and question. Curiosity compels a child to connect with the world and she will grow and bond with friends. She will experience the joy of discovery and pondering, rather than feeling forced to learn certain things. A positive learning circle is created, where the learning is fulled by questions and curiosity.  Learning in itself becomes the focus.


Encouraging children to think dive into their questions and to be as curious about their questions as the answers they seek will help them to enjoy learning.

I made a small poster that can be used as it is at its current size, or blown it up to a larger size. The poster can be used as an introduction to a new theme and if you blow it up to a larger size it can be used in a group to discuss curiosity.

In the mind map below, things that capture our imagination and curiosity about autumn are explored. The mind map follow the same ideas as in the poster.

There is a think dive branch that explores the aim with the mind map –  to explore curiosity.

In one branch are things that may capture our curiosity about autumn:

  • animals hibernating
  • leaves changing colour
  • mushrooms

Another branch focuses ways to explore autumn.

  • use a magnifier and look at changes
  • read stories and facts about autumn
  • explore nature

We love being curios because we can:

  • taste things  – nuts
  • smell things  – apples and particularly apple pie
  • touch things – jump into a pile of leaves and throw them into the air

Places where we can be curios about autumn:

  • together with our friends in a park
  • in a tree house

And in a cloud castle unless it is raining!



Click on the mind map to enlarge it.

You can buy the poster at Teacher Pay Teacher. If you are not a member, you can become member for free.

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