I feel. . . about shapes. . .

Shifting focus is an important skill. To be able to shift the attention from one aspect to another helps to improve learning, thinking and creative efforts. Deliberately noticing different aspects of a rather simple task may help a child to stay focused and to engage in the learning.

Learning shapes are part of childhood and the learning often starts when a child is a toddler. Shapes are explored in books and children are asked to identify and search for different shapes.

Young children should be able to:

  • Recognize and name shapes such as square, triangle, rectangle and circle.
  • Match objects according to their shapes.
  • Draw shapes.

A common method is to let children cut out shapes and make different objects using the shapes. Here a child has to shift the perspective from a single shape to a whole shape. Another common approach is to trace shapes and this involves the body in the learning which is great.

I got an idea when I found some wonderful looking pumpkin and apples shapes and I thought about what I could do with them. And suddenly the idea to let children shift focus from feelings to shapes emerged. So I made some material: Shapes with Feelings – Pumpkin, Shapes with Feelings – Apple.

The links between thinking and feelings/emotions are often ignored in school as well as in life. And shifting the focus from a happy face and body language to picking out concepts such as roundness is one way to combine both. The idea is to engage children in exploring shapes and hopefully the learning experience will be richer.

The child does not have to link their own feelings to the shapes rather they look at a picture of a sad girl or boy and then they have to look at the shape and describe the 2D shape.

Happy Exploring!




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