Wishlist for Christmas and Snow Stories

A long wishlist. . .

The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker by Jacqueline Wilson

Meet Tracey Beaker, Jacqueline’s most famous heroine, when she gets the lead part in the Christmas play. This cracker also contains a brand new story as well as  festive puzzles, tasty Christmas recipes, and fun facts.

The Snowman and the Snowdog Pop-up Picture Book

Love the Snowman and the Snow dog! And this pop-up is delightful and ticks all the Xmas boxes.

The Twelve Days of Christmas illustrated by Violeta Dabija

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree…’

Traditional Christmas song that has been transformed into a brightly coloured picture book by  Violeta Dabija. A book that can be treasured and loved each year.

Norman the Slug Who Saved Christmas by Sue Hendra

Poor Norman discover that the sack of presents that lands  right by his stocking is not for him after all. The sack has simply fallen off Father Christmas’s sleigh. Norman has to make sure that everyone gets their presents but can he manage it on time. Bright and colourful pictures are going to spellbound younger children. And the cover even sparkles just like a real Christmas bauble.

The Bear’s Winter House by John Yeoman

“One chilly day”, when a pig, a hedgehog, a squirrel and a hen see a bear building himself a house. A warm and cosy place where he can sleep. The other animals think that this is a rather stupid idea. Carrying logs and branches but they change their minds when winter comes.

The illustrations in this classic winter tale makes you feel the cold. Quentin Blake’s delicate watercolours mixed with the strong lines captures the winter squalls. This is picture books at it best, where you feel how exposed the poor squirrel is in his treetop nest, you feel how the pig is shivering on the stone floor of his sty, and your heart is filled with sadness for the rolled-up hedgehog who keeps losing warm leaves from his spikes. But the kind bear invites all the animals into his home. And he even shares his honeycomb with them.

A perfect story to read while you munch on some, well, if not honeycomb, at least some nice Xmas sweets.

This book is also great to talk about what it means to be a friend and sharing things.

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud by Jane Cabrera

“There was once a polar bear

whose only friend was a fluffy

white snow cloud.”

The little snow cloud in this story sparks imagination. What animal is the snow cloud going to create? And will the little polar bear find a friend? The snow cloud creates amazing snow animals for the bear to play with, but the cub still feels sad and lonely.

Suddenly he suddenly spots another polar bear. Is it just another snow animal? Well, you have to read the story to find out. You can play a little game where you imagine lots of new snow animals that the snow cloud has created just for your family.

Christmas Wombat by Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whately

“Slept. Scratched. Slept. Ate grass.” It seems like Christmas will be just another day for the wombat . . . until she smells carrots! Well, I must admit that I never thought that wombats would like carrots but they do. In this charming picture book, Wombat goes head to head with Santa’s reindeer in competition for carrots—and wins. Then, she learns that carrots are internationally available. The magic of carrots quickly disappears and Wombat wants something else on Christmas morning! Delightful illustrations complement the spare text.

Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed, illustrated by Barbara McClintock

I love snowflakes. And just like there are different, kinds of snow, there are different kinds of ice. Ice appears in nature in form of snowflakes, icicles, frost and ice caps. The first ice is so thin that it breaks when you touch it. It takes a while to reach the goal – skating ice. In this book, twelve kinds of ice are illustrated into twenty nostalgic vignettes. The illustrations give the illusion that this book is something that your grandparents might have read. Yet the word play and the language in this book make this book a treat. For a great review of this book, click here.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S. Lewis

The White Witch in the Narnia Chronicle casts a spell on Narnia. Always winter but never Christmas, so when the children in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia) first arrive to Narnia the fields are covered with snow. C.S Lewis stories about the children who discovers a wonderful place for adventure are a perfect treat to start reading any day, but after a walk in the snow or some snowflake watching the first book might be extra inspiring. . .

Snow Crazy (Crazy Little) by Tracy Gallup is a suitable book for children over three. A little girl is waiting for the snow that has been forecast. She makes snowflakes and stands in a paper snowdrift. Finally, after drinking hot chocolate and laughing with her mother the snow arrives. The little girl rushes out and plays with her friends – making snow angles and building a snowman. A delight about having fun in the snow. Hand painted dolls make this book stand out, and true visual delight.

Brrrr: A Book of Winter by Il Sung Na

A visual snow treat! This book captures that magical feeling of a white but brrr so cold world. Explore how different animals behave in winter by reading the short text about rabbits, ducks, deer, sheep, mice, beast, squirrels that are dancing around in the snow. A lovely book that fills young children’s heart with a wish for snow while they search the pages for the white rabbit.

Christmas Wishes by Tony Mitton

“It’s Christmas Eve and magic is in the air!

When two little mice hear a faint jingle”

The classic poem “A visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clark More provides the metre for this new poem where we enjoy the excitement of the all important Christmas preparations. And of course a visit from Father Christmas.

The illustrations by Layn Marlow will delight young book lovers, the pages are filled with both panoramic pictures, and detailed close-ups. Christmas as its best seen through the eyes of two little mice.

The Killer Cat’s Christmas by Anne Fine

Tuffy, the spoilt and ruthless Cat, shares his thoughts on Christmas. The message is clear, Christmas is not for cats.

There are these tempting dangly decorations that he is not allowed to play with, the lovely tree he is not allowed to climb, and then there is this horrible cold white snow in the garden. Horrible, horrible, horrible! But it was never really meant to be a cat-astrophe.

Hilariously funny book, perfect for children to read all by themselves.

Shall I Knit You a Hat?: A Christmas Yarn by Kate Klise

The joy of giving Christmas gifts and the delight of receiving gifts are the main themes is this story. It is getting cold outside and Mother Rabbit begins to knit a hat for Little Rabbit to protect his little ears.

Ah, what a hat! Little Rabbit loves it and he begs his mother to knit hats to all his friends. Little Rabbit makes headgear delightful and funny headgear sketches and Mother Rabbit’s method of taking measurements are surprising and very inventive.

The result is unique and utterly perfect hats for Little Rabbit’s friends. What sort of hats would you knit for a horse, goose, deer, cat, and dog? In all the excitement, Little Rabbit forgets a present for his mother. She cleverly tells him, “being with you is the best gift of all.”

The artwork by Sarah Klise is made in acrylic and it is filled with loving humour.

If you are a needle artist you will love the Rabbit hat pattern for infant through age three.

Ah, Christmas Eve and at last the lights go out at the Toy Museum and the magic can start. But, no presents under the tree. What has happened? So what creative ideas do the toys come up with? Bunting has the brilliant idea that they should give themselves to each other as gift. This book is about the true spirits of giving and it make s wonderful gift for children over three. An affectionate tale with illustrations that are a joy to explore filled with patterns. David Lucas says drawing is picture writing and he knits with ink.

Brown Paper Teddy Bear by Catherine Allison

Every young child’s wish comes true in this beautifully illustrated Christmas picture book. A little girl is sick in bed and her Granddad promises her a new teddy bear. She finds a package wrapped in brown paper with a red ribbon. A careworn old teddy bear comes alive when she unties the red ribbon.

Together they fly to a magical room filled with toys. All the toys come alive and they play for the little girl and the teddy bear. The little girl dances with a porcelain doll, rides a toy train, meets a clown and a stuffed monkey. And of course, Granddad knows all about the old and very special teddy bear.

This book is made out of sturdy brown paper and the watercolour illustrations by Neil Reid make this book even more magical.

A Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith

The story is lovely but it was the illustrations that captured my daughter’s heart, and mine. The utterly captivating illustrations are precious works of art, with gold leaf on every page, following the little donkey on his journey when he carries Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

The little donkey’s mother has to leave him when she carries Mary to Bethlehem. The little donkey misses his mother and a little girl decides to search for the donkey’s mother. On their journey, they meet characters mentioned in the original nativity story.

Then at last, the little girls and the donkey find a small shack with a star shining down upon it. A wonderful golden star!

The First Noel: A Christmas Carousel by Jan Pieńkowski

A little piece of art that will delight both children and grown-ups. A Christmas Carousal that springs up when you bend the spine until the hard covers meets at the back.

You can hang up the exquisite piece of art with five cutout silhouettes. It tells the story of the Nativity with words from the King James Bible. A lovely book and decoration in grey, white and Christmassy red!

Nut Cracker by Jan Pieńkowski and David Walser

The enchantment of “The Nutcracker” is brought to life in this spectacular silhouette book. This retelling of the not so straightforward tale brings to life the spells and magic of Uncle Drosselmeier and battles with the Mouse King and his army.

There are five full-page illustrations with white paper silhouettes on coloured multilayered sparkling backgrounds. The last picture is a magnificent 3D page with layered silhouettes. Icicles, fairytale castle, snow-covered trees, and the lovers in a horse-drawn sleigh.

This introduction to a magical night will capture young children’s heart and older even reluctant readers will indulge in reading the book.

The Nutcracker (Pop Up Edition) by Niroot Puttapipat

Breath-taking pop-up scenes with striking silhouettes in black and white, with highlights of gold, red and yellow, against richly coloured background scenes. Giant mice are tumbling down the staircase and Clara and the Prince fly on swans over golden oceans until they land in the Land of Sweets. Magical edition perfect for adding that extra special touch to bedtime storytelling.

Moominland Midwinter (Puffin Books) by Tove Janson

The dream of a white Christmas does not always come true, and reading about the Moomins with their large round hippo-snouts, is a good substitute. I am head over heels in love with the Moomins and their eccentric group of friends who live in Mooninvalley.

In this story, the Moomins who usually sleep through winter wake up in January. The white, furry looking trolls discover that they love winter. Magic, humour, friendship, and exciting adventures.

The Moomins are the dreamers of the world and they are completely innocent but there is an environmental message in the books. The Moomins represent true Christmas spirit with freedom and hope for the future.

The Polar Express: 30th Anniversary Edition by Chris Van Allsburg

Do you hear a little silver bell ringing at Christmas time?

The beginning of this book has it all – exciting and delightful at the same time. A young boy lies awake on Christmas Eve listening for the bells. A friend, who does not believe in Santa Claus, has told him that he cannot hear the sound of bells.

And of course, he does not, but he hears something much more interesting. The hiss of steam and when he looks out of the window he sees the Polar Express. He climbs aboard and joins the other children. Destination North Pole! He receives a silver bell form the Santa Clause’s sleigh.

The little silver can only we heard by people who still believe in the wonder that is Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas. This is a little jewel and the tale is one of belief – belief in childlike magic.

The paintings are a treat and the sombre tones, captures the spirit of the dark night trip. The snow, starlight, and the glowing lights in the train add to the magic.

The Golden Kangaroo by Garrison Valentine

Not everyone dreams up pictures of snow when they think of Christmas. Many children celebrate Christmas at the beach. In this charming book, Santa Claus finds himself stranded in Australia when his reindeer collapses in the tough summer conditions.

In hot, humid, and long distance, the trusted old sleigh is not much use. What a relief that the magnificent Golden Kangaroo comes to the rescue.

The illustrations by Glen Singleton are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces. This book comes with a CD so that you can sing along.

Feature Photo: Pixabay

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