Inspired by Monkey Face Orchids – Chinese New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers!

Since it is a bit late to post a New Year activity, I thought I might be ahead of time and post a Chinese New Year activity!

Kung Hei Fat Choy means Happy New Year!

The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar year, so the date of Chinese New Year changes every year. The date depends on phases of the moon and Chinese New Year is celebrated in either January or February.

In 2016, Chinese New Year will begin on 9th February, and we will be welcoming in the Year of the Monkey.

Inspired by the monkey face orchids that grow in South America we made some Chinese boxes. Chinese boxes are a set of boxes, each fitting inside the next larger box.

Our gift for the Chinese New Year party is boxes filled with seeds – Monkey Face Orchid Seeds and some other interesting seeds. Some monkey face orchids have tails and some look at bit furry.

P.S. Monkey face orchid seeds are very small and unfortunately there are many fake seeds. Often the fake seeds are large, the size of sweet pea seeds, while eal orchid seeds are more like dust. So make sure that you check before you buy the seeds. Monkey face orchid are rare and prized for their unique shapes and colours.


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikia

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