Big Hearts Valentine Challenges

There are many Valentine ideas and I saw yesterday challenges where children are asked to break hearts – Anti-Valentine challenges. Smashing heart with little hammers. I used a different approach in material that I developed last year.

Thomas Mass suggests in the book What to Think About Machines That Think: Today’s Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence that machines needs to grow up. So far we have designed machines that are like juveniles. Machines are mundane and they are carrying our mundane tasks.

We need machines that have more souls, more art and more poetry, and to build these machines and artificial intelligences we need artist-programmers and artistic programmers.

I  make some Valentine material using animals as inspiration. There are tasks where children have to design a cuddly robo, a kindness robo or a love robo with three heart, inspired by the three hearts of the octopus. In a way this material fits well into the idea that machines need to grow up and develop a soul . . .

What else does machines need to have?

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