Rosie Revere, Engineer – Snake Repelling Cheese Hat

 “The only true failure can come if you quit.”
-Rosie Revere

Eventually failure leads to success is the message in the imaginative and delightful book Rosie Revere, Engineer.

I  like to use the word nearling instead of failure to highlight the idea that you are nearly there.  Anyway, I stumbled upon the story of shy Rosie, who dream of being an engineer,  the other day.  Andrea Beaty‘s story is imaginary treat filled with wonderful interventions for relatives. David Roberts‘s illustrations are filled with wonderful characters on graph paper backgrounds.

Sometimes we need someone who inspires us when we are nearly there and In this book, Rosie has a fantastic supportive great-great aunt Rose!

“When Rosie was young, she had been so shy.

She worked with her hair swooping over one eye

and made fine inventions for uncles and aunts:

a hot dog dispenser and helium pants.”

Rosie Revere sees inspiration where other people see rubbish. She invents hot dog dispensers, helium pants, python-repelling cheese hats. But she hides everything under the bed and never lets anyone sees her inventions.

Want to be inspired to made a python-repelling hat, watch the videos below. Love the enthusiasm in these videos. Yet I cannot help but wonder if pythons can be used as inspiration for innovation and ideas rather than used as something that we need to  protect humans from them. Biomimicry is somehow always on my mind. . .

Sparking Thinkibility Book Tips

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Iggy Peck, Architect

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