Build a Bridge!

In true Leonard da Vinci spirit build a bridge or structure that does not require any nails or ropes.

Grimm’s Spiel und Holz Design, “Grimm’s”, has been making beautiful, natural and sustainable wooden toys since 1978. Over the years, I have bought several of their amazing toys, from rattles, to stacking towers to wonderful puzzles.

I love their Leonardo Da toys uses Vinci’s Bridge – Wooden Construction Sticks Building Blocks Toy in Rainbow Colors. This toy was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self supporting bridge, and the structure when it is built correctly will sustain itself due to gravity.

This toy is a great way to introduce the idea of gravity and of course to test different ways to make a bridge or dome construction.

Due to small parts, Leonardo sticks are only for kids ages three years and up.

Another way to build a self-supporting structure can be seen in the video below. Go here to read more about this model.


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