A bit of this and that – Things that Caught my Eyes this Week

Here is a mix of things that has caught my attention the last couple of days. I hope you and your kids feels inspired.

First is a video that is absolutely magical. Lego in a way you have probably never seen it before.

Magic angle sculptures created with layers and layers of LEGO pieces. At first glance the sculptures may look like abstract forms, but when you rotate and use light, the complex and fabulous designs are revealed.

John V. Muntean who has made the LEGO Dragon-Butterfly-Jet Magic Angle Sculpture says:

“As a scientist and artist, I am interested in the how perception influences our theory of the universe. … Every 120º of rotation, the amorphous shadows evolve into independent forms. Our scientific interpretation of nature often depends upon our point of view. Perspective matters.”

New book Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.  What a wonderful collaboration between two remarkable artists of the picture book world! This book is funny and utterly adorable.

Meet Hilda Snibbs and the three mischievous monkeys, Tim, Sam and Lulu,  who do their best to turn her life upside down. Emma’s artwork brings to life the monkey’s  trail of destruction with a tenderness that helps readers to fall in love with the impish heroes. The illustrations are colourful and bold and a perfect partner to the mischievous and funny text.

Today is a rather grey and miserable autumn day. I cannot say that I am too impressed by autumn and if you feel the  video  below is a wonderful celebration of autumn.

Jonna Jinton is a Swedish blogger who writes about nature ad who takes the most stunning photos. In the video below, she dances to embrace the idea that autumn teaches us how beautiful it can be to let go.

Also here is a great link to ways to use or not use conkers. They make lovely furnitures for a doll’s house. Simply stick 4 pins underneath to make legs. Conkers can and be used to make a soap. The Vikings made their soap by soking crushed up conkers. But if you are trying to scare away spiders with conker you may need to test the idea first.





Featured photo: David Davies


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