The Twelve Days of Endangered Animals Christmas Challenge – Day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Six geese a-laying. . .

Is creativity an inborn talent that kids either do or do not have? Or is it a skill that can be taught?

Creativity is sometimes linked to intelligence and it is suggested that not all children are equally intelligent and equally creative.

But a  creative approach to thinking and looking for new solutions and ideas is something that every child can learn. And every child should be provided with opportunities to grow in their creative approach to thinking.

This challenge is a journey into not only endangered animals around the world but also a journey into how children can learn to use a concept to get new insights. Learning to be flexible and look at problems from different angles are great skills. And skills can be taught.

Today we are using the word geese to explore the focus for the challenge – endangered animals.

If you think about geese, images of geese migrating may enter your mind.

 What if you followed a flock of migrating geese, what would you see?

Geese from the UK, may flow to the Northern parts of Africa and there them may spot some Addax. The large antelope with long and thin spiral horns  is an endangered species. The horns have two or even three twists. The addax is early white in summer, while the cat is greyish brown during the winter months. The addax lies in the desert and it gets more or less all its water from eating plants.

The addax is hunted for its flesh as well as its hide and there are only a few of these beautiful antelopes left in the wild. It is a protected species but people are still hunting this animal.

What endangered animal does your goose or migrating bird spot on its journey?


Photo: Addax Haytem93



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