The Twelve Days of Endangered Animals Christmas Challenge – Day 7

Kids Power!

Everyone has their own way of taking actions to helping the world. What can you do? Take words from the animal of 7th day of Christmas as inspiration to support an endangered animal.

On the 7th day
of Christmas

My true love sent to me
7 possums playing

In the song, we have possums playing. Let us use the word “play” as inspiration to support endangered animals.

Discussions about endangered animals should perhaps be serious but that does not mean that it should be fun and as well as a positive meaningful experience to support endangered animals.

Invent a game where you learn about endangered animals in a fun way. Perhaps a pantomime where you stand in a circle and one person in the circle begins by turning to the person on his/her right and making a noise or imitate a movement that is characteristics of the endangered animals. The next person then makes another noise or imitate a movement. You could perhaps make some beautiful cards with information about a couple of endangered animals that you could look at before you start playing the game.

Or you could invent a board game, make a jigsaw. . . or . . .


Photo: Mountain Pygmy Possum

The Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus) is the largest of the pygmy-possums. It has distinctive “buzz saw” premolar teeth. The mountain pygmy possum is the only Australian marsupial that hibernates for a long period during the winter. This possum is nocturnal and there are a number of colonies across the Alps in the New South Wales and Victoria. It is estimated that there are around 2 600 adults living in high up in the mountains.

Loss of breeding habitat is treating the species. Development of a ski resort lead to  loss of the best breeding habitat and the possums are increasingly becoming more isolated in small colonies.  Also changes in the climate is a major threat to the survival of this species. Higher temperatures will reduce the snow depth and also reduce the time the snow covers the ground. If the snow melts away earlier. the possum might wake up earlier and they may find that their main source of food is not there.

The mountain pygmy possum’s main food is a moth that migrates to the mountains every summer. If the possum wakes up earlier, it may have to compete with other animals for food and they may decide to leave their habitat to search for food. This may expose them to threats from cats and foxes.











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