The Twelve Days of Endangered Animals Christmas Challenge – Day 10

Kings, Queens, Lords.  .  .

A treat fit for a king!

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me

10 Lords a-Leaping

The king of all the animals and the jungle is the lion. Sadly, this much-loved animal is now an endangered species. It is easy to think that the protection of this majestic looking animal is the sole responsibility of the people of Africa and India but it is up to all of us to ensure that lion and lionesses can roam the Africa savannas and the forests of India.

People are the major threat to lions. People are killing the lions to protect their livestock, or to take their skin and meat. Lions living space is disappearing.  Surprisingly, some people also kill lions because the think it is fun to hunt them.


Photo Kevin Pluck

Food is an important part of the Festive Season. Can you make a festive treat that highlights the importance of endangered animals like the lion? Perhaps a lion cupcake. . . or search for animals that are mainly red in colour to match the festive decorations. . .

The scarlet ibis is an endangered species in some parts of the world.


Photo: Scarlet ibis

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