The Twelve Days of Endangered Animals Christmas Challenge – Day 11

Does nagging help?

Does nagging make you stop doing something?

In the Australian version  of Twelve Days of Christmas, we have

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love to me

11 numbats nagging15672680_1207329722691338_8016037768227182828_n

Photo Helenabella

So what can we do instead of nagging?

Perhaps you can make a play and perform it during the festive season. Or if you are a bit older you can volunteer to help protect natural resources. You can adopt an animal. . .

Adopt a Tiger

Adopt a Panda

Adopt a Polar Bear

Adopt a Snow Leopard

Adopt a Bat

Adopt a Whale, Dolphin or Turtle

What else can you do?





The numbat is a marsupial who lives in Western Australia. The numbat has some other names and these give a clue about what they eat – banded anteater and marsupial anteater. The walpurti, which is another name for this animal, diet consists more or less of termites. A numbat eats around of 20 000 termites each day.

Termites and ants are not the same and they belong to different insect groups. Numbats sometimes eat ants but they prefer termites so even though the name banded anteater and marsupial anteater gives some clues they are not entirely perfect names.



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