Inspired by Vulnerable Giant Pandas


On the Fourth Day of April

We saved Four Munching Pandas

‘Great news, the giant panda has moved one step away from extinction.

The giant panda has been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable. The charming bear with the large black patches around its eyes and over the ears and across its almost round body has captured many hearts. Native to south central China it has been logo for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since it started in 1961.

Peacefully munching on bamboo shoots, which he strips with his enlarged wrist bone that functions as opposable thumbs.

For lovers of biomimicry, this is a wonderful thing to explore. What if you have a glove with two thumbs? What could you do?

The giant pandas play a crucial role in the bamboo forests by spreading seeds and facilitating the growth of vegetation. The good news that the efforts to save the panda demonstrates that by working together we can indeed make a difference. To save this icon scientists and politicians have worked together with local communities to save the panda and its environment.

Yet, despite this good news, some species such as the Eastern gorilla are under increasing threat.

How can you spread the good news? Can you also spread the news about other species that might be endangered at the same time?

We explored some ideas in the mind map.

The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Song april

Featured  photo  By Sheilalau at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,









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