What happens when we let external influences dim our inner light?

Madrid based animators, Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez created this touching 8 minute short film that shows what happens when we let external influences dim our inner light.

Copi is trying to teach his son, Paste, how to live and what is correct and acceptable behaviour. This short film is also about what happens when we let external influences dim our light and Paste changes from a happy excited child  to a miserable schoolboy.

But Copi is not a bad father, he is only teaching his son what he has been taught. We are all victims of victims.

This film has since is debut in 2015 won several awards. And it is a wonderful and beautiful film. You may need some tissues while you watch it.

It is always a bit painful to use a critical approach to thinking when you like something, but teaching children to use different approaches to thinking is important.

Small and  careful steps are a characteristic of using a critical approach to thinking. Critical thinking is like walking down the stairs in a careful way without making any mistakes on the way. Judging each step careful to see if it is true. And  children can be taught to make small Crittery Steps.

Critical explanation to the thinking involves:

  • Take the information into account.
  • Understand the key points and evidence presented.
  • Analyse and compare the key components.
  • Draw conclusion

So using crittery steps, I think this film, though being wonderful and inspiring, promotes a limited view of what creativity is. In the film, music, drawing and dancing are contrasted with the traditional way of learning. To let your inner light shine, it helps if you are an artist.

Yet,  a creative approach to thinking can be used in all subjects.

How do you keep you inner light alive? What is important to you? How can we create a world that does not kill creativity?

A writer making a script for an animated film that sends that messages is needed.

Why not try yourself?


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