So many questions! Wonderful Questions

Children love questions.

They learn and grow by asking questions.

Few people are aware of the power of asking questions. When you think that you know it all, there is no need to ask questions. Why would you? But questions are the best way to gain insight and also to develop solutions to problems.

Some people never stop asking questions. They know that it is a great way to gain deeper insights and they love asking questions. Not necessarily because they love listening to the answers but they use questions as a way to explore a topic. Questions help them to challenge their own understanding. If you keep asking questions you can keep finding better answers and solutions.

The great inventors and scientists asked questions. Isaac Newton asked, “Why does an apple fall from a tree?” and, “Why does the moon not fall into the Earth?” Charles Darwin asked, “Why do the Galapagos islands have so many species not found elsewhere?” These questions helped them in the process that after lots of thinking and work lead to breakthroughs.

Yet, when children start school they often stop asking questions. Asking questions is seen as being weak and not understanding. Children are taught that it is the right answer that is the main thing. As long as they know the main things they do not need to know anything else.

Questions are scary and they introduce uncertainty. But it is really the opposite. Asking questions is a sign of strength. As we listen carefully to the answers we can formulate further questions. Children learn by asking questions. Asking questions is the simplest but also the most effective way of learning.

Teachers and parents are often in a hurry and questions slow things  down. So instead of telling your child or your students, ask them questions and encourage them to ask questions.

Questions are wonderful. Questions are seeds filled with wonder and knowledge. A great question shows knowledge and also pinpoints where more information is needed.

Questions provoke, inform and inspire.

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