The Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Song – Whales

On the Twelfth Day of December

We saved Twelve Giant Whales

Whales are awe-inspiring and often elusive creatures. Their sheer size amazes us but as climate change and krill fishing increase, our time to learn more about these magnificent mammals is running out. Of the 13 “Great Whale” species, 7 of them are currently classified as endangered or vulnerable.

In the 1800’s commercial whaling began and nearly drove some whale species to extinction. Some species have not recovered from being hunted but  although commercial whaling is still a threat it is not the biggest threat facing whales.

Climate change has had several effects on the oceans, which in turn have had adverse impacts on marine mammals. As ocean temperatures rises from climate change the krill populations become affected. Most large whale species depend on krill.

Whales as inspiration for new ideas

They power their movement with their super efficient fins and a tail.

There are bumps at the front edge of a whale fin and these increase its efficiency by reducing the drag. Companies have been inspired by the bumps to change the design of wind turbine blades, cooling fans, airplane wings and propellers.

Whales have developed a super-efficient form of life. When you  think about it for a minute, we humans, have developed a super/wasteful form of life. Sadly, the Festive Season is a horribly wasteful time.

Most of us simply throwing our wrapping paper, packaging, and old cards out with the rubbish rather than considering whether or not they could be recycled.

Sadly, a lot of wrapping paper is not suitable for recycling, since they contain plastics, dyes, and glitter.

We used some recycled Christmas wrapping papers to make 12 kirigami whales.


Some interesting facts about whales

  • Whales breathe air and they are warm-blooded mammals who nurse their young.
  • A thick layer of fat, blubber, insulates them from cold ocean waters.
  • Whales play an important role in the overall health of the marine environment.
  • The giant mammals communicate with complex and mysterious sound.
  • They can dive hundreds of meters below to surface and stay there for hours.  The Cuvier’s beaked whales can dive to nearly 3, 000 meters (10,000 feet)

Updated Mind MapThe Twelve Months of Endangered Animals Song whales2



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