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Dip your toes into the future creatures of the land and skies.

“Welcome to future Earth.

Despite repeated warnings, the environment has become polluted to such an extent that many areas of the globe have become uninhabitable, and wildlife is now extinct.

From the ashes, a new style of ‘wildlife’ is created. Wildlife that will not remain harnessed by humankind.

Welcome to the world of Mechanica.”

Mechanica by Lance Balchin is a trip to the future. A dystopian Earth at the end of the 22 nd Century. All animal life hasbeen wipedd out and human-created creatures, Mechanica, has been introduced. Some of the new life forms have cross-bred with renegade drones.

A beautiful visual encyclopedia and brief history of these new creatures. Meet some of the humans who work with the creatures: Chen Su, Reginald P. Prescott and Verity Crisp. Follow Verity’s journey through the Orient and learn about her exciting encounters with Mechanica.


Love the mixture of text and the incredible detailed images. This book will appeal to both children and adults.

If you love science and machinery this is a perfect book to inpsire you to draw and invent your own creatures. Invent some names that describe your creatures and make a gallery of your drawings.

Get more of an idea of the book by watching the video below.


A new book has been published with creatures that live in the sea – Aquatica: A Beginner’s Field Guide.


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