Creativity can be taught!

“How many ways can you add 10+10?”

Can creativity be taught? In today’s world innovation and creative problem solving are important. If innovation is the key to success, then it is time to think about ways to put creativity into our education system.

For many of us, however, creativity is a mystery. Whether we are struggling with problems with no solutions in sight or attempting to generate fresh ideas, the innovative spark is out of reach. Some of us belive that creativity is a special innate quality, and some believe that it is the result of a sudden insight.

You can describe creativity as the result of a certain kind of thinking. And this approach can be taught. So creativity is not talent alone, nor is it the result of a light bulb flashing.

By creating an environment to encourages a creative approach to thinking, it becomes as natural as breathing to explore different ways to solve a problem. Creative thinking is not a luxerious extra rather it necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life.

We learn to twist and turn ideas, which is the foundation for gaining new insights. A set of tool can be used to help us explore possibilities and to develop new ideas.

The way we ask children to solve problems in schools is often framed in a way so that there is no need to be creative. We simply ask children “What’s the sum of 10+10?”. There is only right answer to this question.But if you instead explore how to you can add two numbers or how you can get a number you open up the thinking to all sorts of possibilities.

Ask ten different persons to define “creativity” and you will probably get ten different answers.

A creative approach to thinking includes:

  • the breaking up of old ideas
  • making new connections
  • the onset of wonderful ideas

Many games draws on children’s skill to think dive into a world of possiblities. Play the “Uses” game and ask chidren ot come up with unusual uses for objects such as a paper clip or cardboard tube. Give children a chance to play with ideas and enjoy looking into the wonderful world of creative thinking.

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