Spring is here! Books about seeds and flowers

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Flower Alphabet Book

Which flower flavours tea?

Can you use a flower to make a doll?

Flower Alphabet Book  by Jerry Pallotta is beutifully illustrated by Leslie Evans. A stunning alphabet book filled with flowers in bright colours and inspiring information.  A beutiful bouquet of words and picutres!


Oh Say Can You Seed?
Oh Say Can You Seed?: All about Flowering Plants  puts a funny spell over the plant wor(l)ds. It was not written by Dr Seuss but it takes you on a hilarious adventure with the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2. The famous Cat in the Hat examines various parts of flowers with the assistance of Thing 1 and Thing 2. Learn all you need to knwo about seeds, photosynthesis and pollination.


A Seed Is Sleepy

A Seed Is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Astonans filled with various seeds from around the world. Marvel at their beauty and strange this they do to spread theri seeds. The opening page spread page shows sunflower seeds neslted within the sunflower head. Beautifully ilustrated by Sylvia Long.

Seeds can sleep for a season or for yeats. They can embark on adventures whelthey are being scattered by the wind or flowing on the water. They can in many differnt sizes, tiny as dust or bg a heavy Some seeds can weigh 40 kg! 

This is  a wonderful book to  use as an introduction to a unit on plants or gardening. The text can be used for language acitivites. Perfect for diving into the world of adjectives. Study how you can decribe things and use the words in the book for coming up with new adjectives to describe something smilar. Or write an story about an adventurous seed.

It s also great to use as inpisartion for new ideas and innovations – biomimicry. Warmly recommended!


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