Maths and 3D Picasso Dogs

What does 3D geometry mean for young children?

Maths is about problem-solving and thinking. Trying ot figure out what will happen. if you do something.

Our initial thoughts when we think about 3D may circle around all sort of hard and difficult maths with intersecting lines. Using art is one way to introduce key concept and helping young children to gain some insights into this fascinating and challenging area of maths.

Laying a foundation for later enthusiasm for maths may be easier if you have access to a great musuem like The National Museum of Mathematics but not everone has the opportunity to visit a musuem like this. And there are several fun ways to explore maths at home or school.

Making a representation of a fun dog inspired by the artist Picasso is a wonderful example of inspiring children to explore 3D sculptures. 3D problems may seem less hard and scary after playing with geometry in a fun way. We made these dogs and mouse dog inspired by the creative author and art teacher Carla Sonheim.


What if you could ride a tricycle square wheels?

Or turn  yourself into fractals?

The National Museum of Mathematics in New York makes maths fun. It is a wonderful place for sparking curiosity and showing the wonders of maths. A great for young and old. A museum that makes maths a bit cooler.


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