My child is different by Elaine Halligan

Elaine Halligan’s My Child’s Different: The lessons learned from one family’s struggle to unlock their son’s potential celebrates the unique qualities that children who are different bring to the world. Reading about  development when the development does not follow the expected pattern enhances your understanding not only of children who are different but also of how to best enrich and support all children’s lives.

The book contains not only a recollection of Ealine’s work with her son but also advice written by parenting expert Melissa Hood. Perfect parenting techniques but the advice can be used as a starting point for reflecting on how to interact with people. Accepting children for what the bring to the world is not as easy as it might sound.

The book provides hope as well as advice for parents with “an alphabet kid”. Every child’s potential can be unlocked by using positive parenting skills. Warmly recommended.


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