Animalphabet by Julia Donaldson

Who is faster than a caterpillar?

Who is wrinklier than a hedgehog?

You are never to old for a guessing game, or an alphabet book. I love the inventive approach that is used in some alphabet books to teach children something that is. . . well good for them. The book Animalphabet by Julia Donaldson, illustrated Sharon King-Chai, is a A to Z guessing game that belongs to that category of alphabet books.

Learning the alphabet  is the first step towards literacy. Letter recognition is important because it helps a child to start figuring out the relationship between printed text and spoken language. And the more important a skill is the more important it is to make it enjoyable and fun.

The eye-catching artwork and the rhythmic words makes this book a pure pleasure to read. And who does not love a guessing game?

Enter a vibrant colourful world filled with elephants, flamingoes, zebras and butterflies. Compare one animal to another and enjoy exploring adjective from the natural world.



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