When I was a Child

There is magic in everything.
The world is a spinning star,
No matter how old you are.

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When I Was a Child by Andy Stanton is a celebration of love between a grandparent and child. This book paints an enchanting vision of the world as it is as the two share the magic och love in the world. Magic and love both past and present.

This visually stunning book is a celebration of colour and magic, and Emily and her grandmother dazzle from page to pages as the illustrations David Litchfield draws you into their discussions. The grandmother starts by longing for the life that once was a colourful “crystal jewel, full of fun, but Emily shows her that the world s still full of magic. “Come with me, ” Emily says, “I can show you how to see.” A wonderful reminder if you need one that kids can be very wise.

There is also a thoughtful green message in the book, the grandmother describing how “the rivers ran young and wild”. So there is plenty of topics to explore and discuss in this lovely book. 

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