Creative Thinking – Create Writing Prompts

Writing a love story is a great way to reflect on love. Often we have a million of excellent ideas for stories, but they disappear when we are asked to sit down and write a story. Story prompts are a wonderful way to encourage children to write a story.

You can use random inspiration as a tool to teach children to create their own story prompts. Random is often not a very positive word so we have to teach children to embrace the idea of randomness. Randomness lies at the very heart of creative thinking.

A random word or picture helps us to break patterns. We can think from a new and often unusual perspective.  A random word or picture can spark an idea that can be used to write a story. Sometimes the random word or picture does not give you the exact solution that you were looking for but often it a great inspiration that forces you to think dive into something new and exciting. X-ray, ice lollies, cellophane, and super glue were all created through random accidents.

When you are writing a story you can use words and pictures to get random inspiration. Rolling dice to choose words or pictures is something that many children find exciting.

You can encourage your child to tell stories by using the colours of the rainbow.

Think of how a colour makes you feel.

What mood does the colour “yellow” bring to mind?

Can you feel the warm bright sunshine? Happy thoughts!

Or does yellow makes you feel sad? The yellow autumn leaves, and the dry grass in the summer.

What mood does your child get from brown? Or purple?

Everything is Blue

Encourage your child to describe your house, using only one colour.

The clouds in the blue sky passing over your house.

The blue-striped mat under the kitchen table.

Blue socks on the floor. Blue toothbrush.

To make it more fun, bring in a surprise colour – An orange car in the blue toy box.

A Purple Laugh

Pick three random colours and tell a story about a purple mouse, a red caterpillar, and a boy dreaming about a bicycle with green tyres.

The purple mouse can have an angry red voice, and the boy can chuckle of happiness with a swirling purple laugh when he sees his new bicycle.

Dominant Feature

You can also discuss with your child what the dominant feature of an object is.

Does a colour decide what sort of toy it is?

What is a dominant  characteristic of a person?

Does the purple laugh make the boy special?

Playing around and exploring the world from a colour perspective is fun and it encourages your child to explore his feelings about other people and animals.

Can you trust a grandma with a green smile?

Expect fun and hilarious stories.

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