Staring into Space

Lauren Child says:

‘It is now widely recognised that creativity is as important as literacy or numeracy, and that allowing ourselves the time, space and freedom to be creative is essential for good mental health… Sometimes we need to stare into space.”

Lauren’s new website, Staring into Space, invites visitors to post details of odd things they have spotted. Lauren intends to contribute with a daily blog about things she has noticed in the street. And walking slowly, whether in the street or in the woods, there is always amazing discovering to be made. A little slug, a purple mitten, or you may overhear an interesting conversation. Lauren overheard someone saying “This football smells like olives.” What a little gem!

Collecting ideas and impressions without any specific aim is something that is not encouraged in our goal-oriented society. Yet, those little moments of doing what seems like nothing, dawdling and dreaming, are sometimes the foundation for brilliant stories. Wonderful plots and characters can emerge, not necessarily tomorrow, sometimes it takes years, so writing things down is great.

Ideas for an invention inspired by nature, biomimicry, might emerge while you ponder over the way the slug moves along the grass. Or indeed, nothing at all but emerge. . . except that wonderful calmness that is the result of staring into space.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am now off to stare into space. . .

Lauren staring into space!

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