Invent your own words

The first snow is always such a great joy. And yesterday evening the thin layer of snow sparkled with moonlight.

There are hundreds of different words for snow. For Northern Scandinavian Sami, it is vital to know whether ice is fit to walk on or whether you will sink through it. The different words for snow, show the expertise that a group of people has about snow.

Learning new words is fun, yet, creating your own words is great! Creating your own words is a useful skill for creative writing. It can be hard work but the pleasure of using your own invented special word is enormous.

What about inventing some words for snow. You can start by making a list of adjectives to describe snow. A creative way to explore adjectives is to let children describe what they can see, smell, hear and touch.

Words that describe snow:

  • slushy
  • crunchy
  • powdery
  • heavy

Think about how snow sounds. Make up some words like crunchy snow and silent snow.

Or make up some words about places where snow get stuck. Like mittensnow.

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