Innovations to change the world!

Do not underestimate children’s desire to change the world. Nor how creative their solutions to change the world can be.

I get quite a lot of surprised faces when I say that I think children should be taught at a young age to use innovative tools. Encouraging children to explore and develop their ideas may not be part of the traditional curriculum, yet, it uses skills that are part of the curriculum, for example, writing, maths, art and critical as well as creative thinking.

Children may have interesting ideas about how to tackle plastic pollution, and helping endangered animals. They may have ideas about how to build a city that is caring for elders and that makes the air quality better.

Imagining the future is tricky, predicting it is maybe even impossible, yet, children are imaginative and sometimes they believe that nothing is impossible; a perfect combination for coming up with innovative ideas. The ideas may not be practical, at least not today, but their creative thinking should be encouraged. Simply dismissing an idea and saying that it is not practical will discourage a child. Ideas can be improved upon and that in itself is a great lesson. Few great ideas are born perfect.

Below is a link to a site with drawing and ideas made by children. They were asked to come up with a invention that would make the world a better place.

Here are some examples from the site Future Founders:

The ‘Rubbish Eater’ to single-handedly solve the world’s deforestation crisis by turning rubbish into trees.

‘Cody the Carer’ is a friendly personal butler designed to help look after the elderly.

‘The Tizzer’ machine that fixes absolutely anything in just one minute.

Go here to see the drawing and read more about the children’s ideas.

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