Space Game

I am armchair astronomer!

I love watching photos of galxies and exoplanets online. The images are fantastic, and I can pour over a book like The Planets for hours. It would be wonderful to watch the sky if there is no light pollution but where I live it is tricky so I stick to my chair.

Space is great way to challenge ideas and explore possibilites. Yet, we rarely give children the opportunity to discover that there is no “right answers”. Instead we provide them with tasks where there is a specific correct answer. Like memorising the order of the planets and their relative sizes.

I made a little game with questions mostly related to exoplanets.

Is there a banana-shaped planet?

Is there a planet where it is raining rubies?

The game can be used as inspiration for reserach. Your child could write a story about what it feels like to visit a water world. Or a poem about mind-boggling planets.

You may also like Improbable Ideas – Pink Planets and Running on Water.

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