Mystery of the Bubbling Pond – Autumn Storytelling Ideas

Autumn is an springing time to perfect the story-writing or storytelling skills. Cooler temperatures sweep in and the warm summer rain is transformed into cold icy drops. The wind pounding the windows can spark imagine. So can colourful falling leaves. Acorns, pumpkins, Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Photos can provide inspiration for story-writing and story telling. Like these colouful leaves.

leaves-228111_960_720Photo: Pixabay

This writing prompt is great for a nice sunny story about a nature walk in the park when suddenly. . . or a story about a scared leaf that do not know what will happen when the next big winds comes. Will it be thrown to the ground?

Use the five senses to make the story rich och colourful.

  • Smells of autumn
  • Sights of autumn
  • Sounds of autumn
  • Touch of autumn
  • Tastes of autumn

But nature can also be exciting in other ways. Ideas such as “What if pumpkins grow on trees?” or “What if bats could talk?” might ignite the fire for a wonderful story.

bats-164210_960_720Photo: Pixabay

Finally, if you look closely nature if filled with mysteries such as bubbling ponds.  Towerhouse Wood, in Nailsea near Bristol, has the perfect magical pond. And no one knows the sources of these mysterious bubbles. Perhaps there is a scientific explanation like gas floating up from invisible vents in the rocks and soils. But perhaps there is a mysterious creature who lives in the pond and who like to blow bubbles. If you look around a pond there may be footprints, you might find the print of otters and water voles but also some giant footprints. . .

Observing nature can lead to both new ideas and innovations, biomimicry or biometrics, but nature can also spark imagine like nothing else. So go out a spend some time in the local park or woodland and let your imagination run wild. And use a camera to take  photos to further help to uncover  that storyteller that lives within you.

47297Photo: Woodland Trust

Featured Photo: Pixabay

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