A Glowing Turtle – Biofluorescence

What a magnificent and mysterious creature!

Divers have found a hawksbill sea turtle who glows in the waters surrounding the Solomon Islands. The wonderful creature glows in red and green but the red colour could be a result of algae growing on the shell. The turtle can absorb certain types of light, then re-emit that light as a different colour.

No one had really excepted to sea a glowing sea turtle when they were filming coral underwater. The last couple of years, scientists have discovered a couple of marine species that glows like jellyfish and coral that emits light.

Biofluorescence is different from bioluminescence which is then a organism produces its own light. For example fireflies produces its own light through a chemical reaction.

Coral may use biofluorescence as a sort of sunscreen but why a sea turtle would glow is a bit of a mystery. And there is nothing more exciting than mysteries.

What possible reasons could there be for a sea turtle to glow?

You will be amazed by the answers that kids might provide! And the sea turtle may also inspire also of new ideas for things that could be fun on Halloween. Just imagine a costume where you can transform light into a new colour.

Sadly hawksbill turtles are critically endangered due to climate change. And we could not think of a better ambassador for raising awareness of the endangered species.


Interested to learn more about bioluminescense? Go here to read The Dino Pet – The Magic of Bioluminescence.

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