Design a Green Moon City with Recycling Station

If we build a Moon City do we need a Recycling Station?

Exciting times. NASA will soon launch its new mission to the Moon. Artemis I is the first in a series of missions that will enable human exploration of the Moon and Mars. Artemis is the mythological Greek goddess of the Moon so this is the perfect name for this mission. She is also the twin sister of Apollo, so there is a clear link to the first mission that launched humans to the Moon is clear.

Let’s Travel into the Future!

The idea of building a settlement on the Moon has become a more serious one. Yet, if we are going to build a settlement on the Moon we are faced with some of the issues that we have on Earth. Of course, the Moon City needs to offer its inhabitants protection from radiation from the Sun since the atmosphere on the Moon is very thin. There is no air on the Moon and the temperature varies from –233 Celsius at night to 123 Celsius during the day. Space rocks, tiny meteoroids, may rain down. But we are also facing problems such as:

  • “How can we make things?”
  • “What should we do with the Space Junk left on the Moon?”
  • “How to Recycle things on the Moon?”

The main focus when you are using a design project is to provide your students or kids with a  problem where they can use a creative approach to thinking to come up with solutions and answers to the problems. As a teacher or parent, you act as a facilitator and you will provide the overall structure for the project. Your students and kids will take an active role in looking for information and designing solutions.

At the moment, there is no settlement on the Moon and therefore there is no need to recycle things. Recycling is looking a bit further into the future. Yet, we can learn from mistakes as well as solutions that we have used on Earth. Plastic pollution and waste are real problems on our Earth and by starting from scratch when we plan a Moon Base we can use some of the things we have learned and design new solutions. There are also special challenges associated with the Moon and this might spark some new inventive solutions.

You’ll find the resource here.

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